Sparkling Spring Cleaning

Over the course of the past week, multiple friends have told me they are in the middle of Spring Cleaning.

There’s nothing like a little sparkle, sass, and the joy of wearing something new (!) to make cleaning a bit more enjoyable.  So when our friends at InStyle tipped us off about these spring cleaning gloves, we thought they were an amazing find.  And — they’re even on sale for $28 at Neiman Marcus!

spring cleaning gloves

Speaking of spring cleaning, our Trendsetter Bargain Babe shared a great post this week about “7 Ways to Make Money From Spring Cleaning“.  In addition to the standard tip of taking your old clothing to consignment stores, she shares all kinds of ideas for how to get rid of old electronics and more.

So, good luck and have fun — whether you’re sifting through dusty boxes or making your counter/kitchen sink glisten!