Shorts Season Is Officially Here

And how does that make you feel? Some of us jump for joy at the idea of slipping into a pair of summery shorts, while others can only think about the whole legs-sticking-to-the-chair issue that shorts brings. But, we say, don’t fret. Women’s shorts have only gotten better, and this season’s styles are going make you glad that you live in a time and place where it’s okay to show a little leg.


But first, a short history of women’s shorts and how to wear them now.

When did women’s shorts come into fashion?

Thank goodness we live in the 21st century, or you wouldn’t be reading this page, much less shopping for shorts. Short pants, as they were originally called, were banned in many places across America during the last century. Women’s shorts, in particular, were considered immodest and totally inappropriate for public wear.

What about shorts in this day and age?

Shorts come in nearly every style and fabric you can think of, making it possible to find a short that works for everything from the beach to the office. If you’re at the beach, then just about any women’s short will work—think denim cutoffs or board shorts. For other occasions, consider the dress code and how much leg is appropriate for the environment. Culottes, for instance, can make great work wear when paired with a dressy blouse or blazer.

How about when I’m off the clock?

Then the sky’s the limit! You probably have gym or athletic shorts for working out, or outdoor activities like hiking, but consider integrating shorts into your other outfits. Denim cutoffs or lace shorts, paired with a cute tank and summery sandals, are perfect for festivals, concerts and other casual outings. Try high waisted shorts or long Bermuda shorts with a blouse and wedges for dressier occasions.

In short, most women can find, among the many available lengths, styles and fabrics, a short (or even a skort!) that they are comfortable with. So, take it beyond the gym and sport some shorts while lounging at home, out for coffee, on vacation, at the beach, or even at the office.

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