Shopping! The Musical

This past Saturday night, I attended “Shopping! The Musical” in Union Square, San Francisco. I left underwhelmed with the performance, but entertained by many of the true-isms presented about shopping.

I don’t want to spend time detailing the amateur performance, but most definitely agree with Richard Connema’s review that said, “…parodies are not political but more a social commentary on the art of shopping. Everyone who sees the revue will identify with some aspect of shopping.”

A few of my favorite scenes:

– “Shopping With My Wife” – highlighted the difference between the way Men and Women approach grocery shopping. Her with a set and specified checklist of items she came for, very deliberate and particular. Him with a browsing mentality of whatever looks great, catches his eye, or a new offering. Together, they compliment one another well to fill the fridge!

– “Department Store Blues” – reflected the poor customer service given today, and how we are often countered with lines like “today is my first day”, “I’m helping another customer now”, or “You can check at another store if you want”…

– “Click” — ONLINE SHOPPING!!! This scene detailed the glory of shopping at the 3am hour and being addicted to buying via the internet. It’s so easy to just click click click!

– “Purchase Interruptus” – The agonies of waiting in line behind a slow lady at the store who has insane requests of paying in multiple transactions, price-checking merchandise, and more…all while you’re holding melting ice cream!

So — overall, a humorous take on the experience of shopping, but left the viewer with much to be desired in terms of the acting ability, set, and professionalism of this performance!