Shop It To Me Trendsetters: New This Week!

We’re exited to welcome five fab new Trendsetters to the Shop It To Me community this week!

A 20-something ‘online’ shopaholic sharing her expensive to economical fashion finds, take on trends, and journey to domestic bliss on Strawberry Swing and Other Things. is a Manhattan lifestyle & fashion editorial focused on dating 2.0, fashion & style & NYC living.

Miss Chris has fresh thoughts from a fashion-loving, 20-something on a budget. Trends, style & fashion finds are discussed, as well as everyday life issues.

A Clothes Whore (kloz hôr) can be defined as a person obsessed with shopping and acquiring items of clothing. We feed those shopping addictions in a somewhat humorous and inspiring way.

La Rue Neuve is a personal style blog which offers its readers a peek into the blogger’s life via her daily looks.

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