Shop It To Me Search: Take a Tour

Fashion rule of thumb: One size does not fit all (unless you’re a fan of the shapeless-sack-as-shirt aesthetic).

With this in mind, we’ve created a shopping universe filled with only your own personal sizes and favorite brands.  You may have seen our sale website before – we just added a bunch of new features, including a search bar, and we’ve aptly named it Shop It To Me Search. It’s only available for Shop It To Me members, so if you haven’t signed up, join now for free at

Let’s take a tour!

1. Search for specific items or trends. Shopping for a specific trend, like a military-inspired jacket? Enter keyword “military” in the search box and hit “Search” to find what’s available.


2. See your last Salemail. If you can’t access your Salemail, click “Last Salemail” to see only the items in your most recent email.

**3. **Shop by price or discount. Now let’s say you want to browse all your sales, but stick to items $100 or less. Just use the price filters to narrow your selections. And while you’re at it, set a minimum discount range (say, 50% or more) to see only the steepest markdowns.

4. Filter your sales by brand, clothing type or retailer. Want to see all the Marc Jacobs shoes on sale in your size right now? (We know –we’re mind readers.) Just  use the filters on the left and specify the clothing category and brand.


5. View extra coupons. Just like in your Salemail, any extra discounts or coupon codes will appear beneath the name of the retailer, so be sure to use these codes at checkout. For example, when Nordstrom had free shipping for orders of $100 or more, we listed the code HOLIDAY10 in this area.


Try it out, have fun shopping your personal boutique and email us at to let us know what you think!