A few weeks ago, we had a raffle where users received an entry for each friend they got to sign up for Shop It To Me. The prize? A $750 Marc Jacobs bag!

Congrats to Cathy from New York – the lucky winner of this classic MJ bag! “I love the bag”, she says, “and I have already had 2 compliments from when I wore it for 4 hours last Saturday”. So, spread the word about Shop It To Me, and you could be next!


Be sure to check Salemails, newsletters, blog posts, and tweets for upcoming giveaways! I assure you, we have plenty of exciting opportunities in store.

For a personalized referral link that you can send to friends or post on your website, just email support@shopittome.com. Write “referral  link” in the subject, and include the email address you used to sign up! You’ll be telling friends with ease, and earning gift cards in no time!