Shop It To Me adds Urban Outfitters Exclusives!

You may have noticed (and likely welcomed with open arms) our new Salemail addition – Urban Outfitters Exclusives! I have been oh so satisfied with the fun, flirty, and affordable items that have been popping up daily. From flashy accessories to essentials like basic cotton dresses and blazers, Urban seems to have it all covered. Here are a few of my favorite items so far:


1.  Chain and Jersey Necklace: was $38, now $19.99

  1. Kimchi Blue Adele Bag: was $58, now $39.99

  2. Silence & Noise Polka Dot Tulip Skirt: was $48, now $14.99

  3. Silence & Noise Ankle Zip Twig Jean: was 58, now $29.99

  4. Silence & Noise Drapey Side Pocket Jumper: was $68, now $39.99

  5. Kimchi Blue Print Ruffle Tube Dress: was $58, now $29.99

To add Urban Outfitters Exclusives to your profile, login to your account at, click “edit brand preferences”, hit the “all brands” tab, and scroll down to the U section where you’ll find it. Just check the box next to Urban Outfitters Exclusives, hit save, and voila – a new morning treat!