SHI Symbol -- For Singles to Show Their Status

It’s interesting how a piece of clothing, jewelry, or an accessory can so clearly show status or involvement with a group or issue. A few well-known examples that illustrate my point: pink ribbons to show support of fighting breast cancer, athletes wearing their jerseys the day of a big game, brides-to-be decked out in boas and other such attention-getting attire for their bachelorette parties, “I voted” stickers on election day, wearing green on St. Patty’s day (see my earlier blog post on green Salemail finds), and so on.

I recently came across a symbol I wasn’t aware of: the SHI Symbol for singles  (it stands for Single,  Happy, Interested).  Engagement rings are an obvious way to know when someone is attached/taken, but how do people know when others are single?

According to the SHI website:  “The SHI Symbol shows Single people how to find each other in their everyday activities. Married people have wedding rings to clearly announce their status but there is nothing that is so internationally recognizable as the SHI Symbol that allows the millions of Single men and women around the world to celebrate their ‘singledom’.”  For sale are pendants, earrings, t-shirts, and more.


Can’t you envision Samantha from Sex And The City all glammed up with the SHI symbol prominently displayed?!   What do you think…will this catch on as a new trend?