Mixing It Up - Music, Marc by MJ, and Chairlift

Music, Fashion, Designer Brands…what’s more fun than that combo?!

Today on, these elements come together in a very unique and hip way.  Featuring the pop group Chairlift, all wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs items from the Fall 2009 collection, as video is played on the Saks site, the individual products the band members are wearing are highlighted.  The fall sunshine and their laid back attitude made me smile, as I perused the skinny jeans and new wine colored handbags, envisioning the butter leather feel in my hands.  Shopping + entertainment = quite a creative touch!   I encourage you to take a fun and lighthearted break in your day if you have a few moments to be introduced to a new musical group and check out some new Fall fashions at the same time…


And oh — another bonus is that if you purchase any Marc by Marc Jacobs items, you can get 10 free iTunes songs, including one from the featured band.  Just enter code MARC9A at checkout!