Return Policies - Helpful Tips

When buying clothing online there is always that question of whether or not it will have that ‘perfect fit.’ What leaves me skeptical and ultimately influences my decision to buy, is the return policy. Although shipping the item back to the retailer can be a pain, what really irks me is having to pay for the rejected item to be sent back! Here are seven of our retailers that have an extended return policy and pay for the shipping back to their warehouse:–Grants you 365 days to return, free of charge.–Grants you 365 days to return, free of charge.

**,,–**Allow 90 days to return, free of charge, and you have the option of returning in the store.–Grants you 60 days to return, free of charge.–Although you do have to pay for the shipping return, there is no limit to their return policy (I have returned items three years later) and you can return in the store.

In addition to those seven online retailers, here are some retailers that allow you to return in-store (but you will have to pay if you want to ship the item back) :

Ann Taylor

Saks Fifth Avenue

Urban Outfitters

J. Crew