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When hearing about a boot that gives your calves a workout while you walk, I instantly thought of MBT or Crocs (not necessarily the most stylish).  Nope!  Now you can wear a designer boot that does this trick — from none other than Anna Sui!  In this collaboration with FitFlop, Anna Sui has created a shearling/suede boot that gives you a workout while you walk.  According to the FitFlop website: “The Shakoha, is a double-faced shearling boot with suede, metal studs and hand stitched detail, built on the FitFlop patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ midsole, so you get a workout while you walk.”  Available Nov. 20th on Net-a-porter and ShopIntuition.com!



Although not new news, did you know that Jean Paul Gaultier once designed clothing made out of bread?!  Although in French, you can watch a video showing many items from his exhibit below — even check out the baguettes made into Venetian blinds!   According to a New York Times article from when this exhibit was live, he said, “I love the sensuality of bread, its roundness — there is something sexual and womanly about it.”  13 master bakers gathered to create the 2004 exhibit, that included loaves to stuff crinoline and corset dresses.   Some of the rejects that didn’t quite make the exhibit included toast brown sneakers and a croissant and brioche wig!  Pretty impressive.