Psychology of Shoes - A Video!

Women + Shoes = Euphoria!

In this newsclip, WCBS-TV interviewed a number of people about the psychology of women and high heels.  What brings this sense of joy that women experience from shoes?  And why do they continue to wear stilettos despite physical pain?

You must watch this clip – click here!

Some of my favorite quotes follow from the various interviews conducted:

“Shoes can be the catalyst to get you mobilized and help you get out and move beyond your comfort zone…”,  -Psychologist

“I’m like a foot psychic.  I can look at a foot and know where they’re coming from and where they’re going…the type of life they led”, -Podiatrist

“It’s an easy emotional purchase on a rainy blue day”, -Saks Fashion Director

“You’re either sexy or comfortable – one or the other – I haven’t been able to feel both!”, -Shopper