Poll: 2011's winner for most popular style

With 2011 winding down, we asked our data scientists to drill down on the most popular sales of the year*. We were completely surprised by their findings on which clothing, shoes and accessories came out on top.

See if you can do better than we did at guessing the big winners. Test your sale I.Q. with our 2011 popularity quiz and rate your score on the scale provided. See how others voted, and then see the correct answers below.

0-2 correct answers = Deal Rookie

3-5 correct answers, Average Bargainista

6+ correct answers, Samurai Saler


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  1. Conventional wisdom might expect Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo or Rebecca Minkoff’s Mac Clutch to be the most wanted, but Treesje’s Dylan Shoulder bag at 76% off was most popular.
  2. Everyone loved wedge booties this year, but in the case of these three, the side zip ones from **Acne **took the most popular award.
  3. With denim, neither biggest discount nor designer name dictated the winner. We would have called this contest for J. Brand… but David Kahn’s bootcuts surprisingly bested the competition.
  4. All four of these made it into the top 20 most popular items of 2011. But, it was** Michael Kors’ belted lace-print silk-twill dress **that dominated.
  5. North Face at 20-25 percent-off compelled tens of thousands of you to click. In this grouping, the Denali jacket generated the highest  number of clicks.
  6. We predicted Hunter’s would be most popular tall boots, but it was actually the **slouch boots from Frye (**the least discounted in the grouping) that routed the rest.
  7. As far as flippys, Jack Rogers were most popular. The Havaianas were a close runner-up, as they too landed in the top 25 most popular items of the year.

Methodology: We only looked at items with over 1,000 appearances in Shop It To Me Salemail. “Most popular” is calculated as the highest ratio of clicks/appearances.