Organizing Your Closet On a Budget

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I’m very excited to be interning at Shop It To Me this summer! While attempting to move out of my dorm room, study for finals, and coordinate summer storage, I had a sudden epiphany – organization is important! Now I did manage to bring all of my favorite clothes to college, however, I certainly could have done a better job maximizing my space. So, after my freshman year of college I have a couple of tips that I think will be helpful for all the people out there who want to organize their closets at a minimal cost.

  1. There is lots of space under your bed! Now this really only applies for those of us who have the luxury of lofting our beds,  but The Container Store offers multi colored drawersthat are stackable, deep enough to store quite a lot of clothes, and only cost $16.99!

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Stacking Drawers

  1. **A shoe rack is not optional. **When you are trying to save space and reduce clutter, it really doesn’t matter how many pairs of shoes you have, there is an option that can accomodate your specific shoe collection! If you have a lot of shoes, pay special attention to the shoe racks that hang over doors, they are usually the most space efficient.  If you’ve managed to keep your shoe collection below ten, then a shoe rack that hangs directly in your closet is preferable.

Shoe Rack

  1. **Jewelry containers are fun and useful. **When organizing your jewelry, always remember that more compartments generally results in better organization. Jewelry containers can get pricey, but if you have a lot of jewelry and are tired of untangling ten necklaces every time you want to put one on, I highly reccomend these plastic compartments, they’re only $5.95 plus they’re portable!

Jewelry Compartment