Online-only Retailers Offer Biggest Black Friday/CyberMonday discounts

We’d love to share some highlights from this weekend’s shopping frenzy.

In a Shop It To Me analysis of over 25,000 sale items each from Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year and last, results show:

  • Shoppers are scoring bigger deals this year!  Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts were bigger this year than last (47% off this year, compared to 43.5%-off on Black Friday and CyberMonday last year).

  • This year, online-only retailers were the most promotional, even more so than last year. Department stores, however, tapered off their discounts significantly. - This year, online-only retailers offered the biggest discounts (nearly 50%-off) compared to their department store counterparts (38-39% off) and single store brands (44-45% off).

  • Last year, the story was different — with department stores offering the biggest discounts (45-47% off) compared to online-only retailers (44% off) and single store brands (40-41% off).

…Food for thought for the remainder of the holiday season!