One Accessory, Many Looks: Ways to Wear Scarves!

Scarves are the perfect accessory. They are warm, stylish, and can be worn dozens of ways! Jamie of Work Your Closet is here to show us a few fabulous ways to style a scarf with looks of her very own. Be sure to check out her blog dedicated to finding outfit inspirations and replicating them with items in your closet.

Scarves can make an outfit. Just like shoes, they add this certain flair. There are so many styles and different ways to wear them that it can be overwhelming. However, they are fantastic to have in your closet. They are affordable and an excellent way to try the trends and latest colors of the season. I’m a huge fan of scarves and I wear them in all sorts ways, all year round. Here are ways to work your scarves; around the neck, belted, over the head, like a handkerchief, shawl, and even as a headband.


Around the neck






Try one of these looks for yourself, or create your own!  Tie your scarf to a purse or your rear view mirror – they radiate style and uplift any mood.