On The Reading List -- 50 Shoes/50 Dresses That Changed The World!

As any stylista would argue, fashion truly can change the world.  And now, the London Design Museum is seeming to agree.  2 new books – “50 Dresses That Changed The World” and “50 Shoes That Changed The World” highlight select fashion pieces and the lasting mark they’ve made.


Photo courtesy of Dexinger.com

The books chat about the social impact and commentary of the selected items, and even share random factoids:

  • Apparently Salvatore Ferragamo first invented cork platform shoes due to a materials shortage after Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935.

  • Dr. Martens were launched after a doctor’s ankle injury.

  • Tod’s was named after an immigrant Italian consulted the New York phonebook, thereby defining the driving shoe that perfectly encapsulates the American dream.

Who knew?!

Along with some famous faces you’d expect to see portrayed for putting the 50 iconic dresses on the map (Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Di) , you may even find some surprises.  Would you expect Hussein Chalayan’s Swarovski collaboration LED dress to make the list?  Nike waffle trainers?  Crocs?

Any other bets of what is (or isn’t) included?