New meets old: Vintage-inspired shoes

Holly in Heels is here to dish a bit on her topic of expertise – shoes! Since we all love vintage but also enjoy the perks of purchasing new, she’s here to show us a few styles inspired by the classics and where to find them. Be sure to check out her blog with everything from working girl heels to special date night kicks. You’ll see tons of stylish finds in one pretty spot.

If you’re anything like me, the word ‘vintage’ brings to mind all kinds of pretty and classic thoughts—from lacey fabrics to soft, muted colors—it’s hard to go wrong when sporting a vintage piece. Whether it is jeweled accessories, an adorable hat, a dreamy blouse, a pleated patterned skirt or classic oxford kicks… vintage inspires modern everyday.

As Miss Holly in Heels, of course I want to focus on the shoes-ies that you can snag—beautiful and new—but are inspired from the days when the world moved a little slower and all ladies wore heels all the time! That’s right, it’s vintage-inspired shoes that I’m after, and there are tons of styles and trends out there right now that’ll take you right back to the pre-online shopping days. Can’t wait to share, so here goes:

Seychelles is one of my fave brands when it comes to shoes, and they endlessly craft gorgeous heels in new, inventive styles! But, they always stay true to the classic looks of the 40’s & 50’s with most of the shoes they create. Here I’ve spotted the dainty Seychelles ‘Dorothy’ heels (at a good price too!), beautiful in black or white shades. A peep-toe pump is a sure-fire throwback vintage trait, by the way, and with an all-leather upper and stylish wingtip details, you’ll tower an almost 4” over your vintage-admirers. The soft, manmade lining adds tons o’ comfort (but hey, who needs comfort when you have style?).

Ohhh, and you are going to *dig *this next pick by the dashing and daring Betsey Johnson. Betsey’s ‘Calandra’ pump in silver is the perfect signature shoe to add to any outfit and make it unforgettably fabulous. From the satiny side-bow to the whipstitch lining detail, you’re sure to turn Humphrey Bogart heads wearing this beauty!

More bold (but still beautiful!) is Frye’s ‘Chelsea’ Studded Oxford. Another peep-toe, you got it, but this time it’s more of a rough around the edges look. Brassy mini studs adorn this spiced leather heel, and lace up nicely around that cute foot of yours! A stacked 4 ¼” brown heel gives you lift, but plenty of ease to walk in with chunky-heeled support. These definitely look like they came straight out of my cute mom’s college closet. Viva Berkeley (and old-school style!)!

Taking it in a dressier direction, as they usually do (and I adore!) is BCBGMAXAZRIA, with the ‘Jenn’ Oxford. What more could a girl want than 20% off + FREE SHIPPING (whoa)?!  These smart oxfords really kick it up a notch, when paired with any outfit, my friends! It’s the patent leather and crocodile embossed look that has me thinking I could squeeze these into my budget for the month. Again, the wing-tip look (like the Seychelles heels, above) take a girl straight back a few eras, but not neglecting modern style.

For some, heels just ain’t their thang. I understand (though I cannot totally sympathize)—and so I’ve got just the shoe for you! I’ve spotted this Type Z ‘Gisli’ sandal in tan/cognac. The muted colors and lace-up ties have me thinking of Audrey Hepburn on a lazy Saturday—long cigarette in hand. They are a simple design but use color and pattern wisely, and are sure to be a your fun “go-to” shoe when you need one.

Not to brag or anything but pretty sure I saved the best for last (that was on purpose, I’ll admit).  This is one dazzling heel—and red carpet ready. Glint’s ‘Gillian’ Sandals are pure Rita Hayworth heels. Shimmery t-straps that adorn your toes with shine, while satiny fabric that runs down the side and back of your foot. Texture, texture, texture—it’s all about the texture with these puppies and they have vintage written all over them. Perfect for fine evenings out & dirty martinis. Can you even believe they’re under $90? I might just have to snag these before you do.

So what have we learned here (besides that fact that I have reignited your extreme passion for shoes)? Vintage style equals classic style, and you can’t go wrong with that! Go ahead and try it—mix in the old with the new and keep an outfit fresh with a pair of unpredictable vintage heels every now and again! Or as I like to say, never live in the past, but always acknowledge what it’s style can teach you.


holly in heels