Narciso Rodriguez on EBay? Confirmed!

Narciso Rodriguez = affordable??  Not until now!

The Cuban designer’s name made front pages nationwide after dressing Michelle Obama in her red and black election-night dress.  I vividly remember scratching my head in contemplation and eager anticipation that evening as I guessed which designer she was wearing – and then saw his name everywhere the next day.

Michelle Obama Narciso Dress

Pictures courtesy of The Cut

Yesterday, at his Bryant Park Fashion Week show, Narciso Rodriguez confirmed that eBay will offer a capsule collection of his styles this coming Spring 2010.  Did you hear correctly?  Yes — the designer whose dresses typically go for $1,800 and up is offering eight styles (3 dresses, 2 tops, a skirt, jacket, and trenchcoat) to be sold on an eBay exclusive store ranging from $75-350.  Interestingly, according to the WSJ, the designer has previously shunned the idea of doing collections for stores like H&M or Target, but is now turning over a new leaf.

eBay’s site itself promotes the collection here!  **Also, check out these preview sketches:

Narciso sketches

Pictures courtesy of MediaBistro

Will you be buying??