Models, models, and more models!

Have you ever wondered about your favorite model’s eating habits or exercise routines? Probably! How about their favorite cocktail, guilty pleasure, or shoe preference? Hmm…maybe not.

Either way, you can find it all out and more at the recently launched, Modelinia— a website completely dedicated to fashion models. Whether you love to hate them, or hate to love them, it is certainly worth taking a peek! No, it will not leave you feeling more educated or fulfilled, but it certainly can provide you with a mid-day entertainment fix.


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The site is flowing with up-to-date news on fashion, beauty, entertainment/lifestyle, and more – BUT, if you go there for one thing, do not miss the Model Matrix. This is here where you will find the inside scoop on the lovely, long-legged ladies!

The Los Angeles-based site was founded by executive producer of “Project Runway“, Desiree Gruber.  Featured models include Adriana Lima, Coco Rocha, Kate Moss, and of course, Gisele and Heidi!

So, who is your favorite fashion model?