Men's Summer Ties

Because who doesn't love the occasional pink tie?

Real men wear pink ... and purple, and paisleys, and whatever the F they want!!

Tired of the monotonous 50 shades of blue, it's time to upgrade your tie collection.

Best friend's wedding, charity gala, dinner with the big boss? Nowhere does it say that you have to wear a blue tie. Choose sparingly and choose wisely, but do choose to wear a colored tie this Summer, and do it more than once.

Here we'll show you some of the best Summer ties to expand your palette— literally and figuratively.

The Summertime Red Tie

Ed Westwick's character, Chuck Bass, from the binge-worthy mega hit tv show 'Gossip Girl' always dressed to the nines— even in the dead of Summer. We suggest channeling your inner Bass and wearing your suit and tie combo exactly like Chuck does: with a salmon colored jacket, white button-down shirt, dark trousers and a red Summer tie.

Canali's red medallion silk tie, which Chuck Bass would definitely approve of (you know, if he were a real life character), is our new go-to Summertime red tie, which we also suggest pairing against a pale pink shirt.

The Green Summer Tie

Big screen movie star Benedict Cumberbatch proves that he knows how to dress off-screen, too. Spotted at Wimbledon, Ben's green tie and light blue suit pairing is a winning combination.

Much like the red Canali tie above, this green Canali striped tie will serve you well. It's a great investment piece, especially if you're not quite ready to splurge on one of the brand's 2k Italian-made suits. It also happens to be the perfect shade of Summertime green (without being hateable), and it's made from a linen/cotton/silk blend, which is very apropos for a Summer shindig.

The Yellow Summer Tie

Straight out of the Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio wears a yellow tie well. Obviously you aren't always going to be as dressed up as Leo, so, like with every fashion statement, take this look with a grain of salt.

If you get the opportunity to wear a cream colored suit, then please wear a yellow tie. If not, a yellow tie still looks just as good paired against a white or pale blue shirt, paired with trousers.

We found our mellow-yellow Summer inspiration in the form of Tommy Hilfiger's yellow floral silk tie.

The Perfectly Purple Summer Tie

Tyson Beckford is subjectively the hottest male model of our time. So men, if we're speaking for most women, why wouldn't you want to emulate Tyson's vibes? Thought so.

Go for the purple tie when wearing your next Summer pinstripe suit à la Tyson Beckford. Our top pick is Ermenegildo Zenga's purple silk flower tie.

Styling Advice

All styles here are shown with a suiting jacket, which is fine, and most of the time necessary when wearing a tie. Don't get overwhelmed with the whole look. When at dinner, dancing, etc, you're going to take off your jacket and hang it over the back of your chair anyway. These ties, and any tie that you will choose, will look great when not wearing the full suit. In fact, they will look a HECK of a lot better than a plain, boring tie, lacking individuality.

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The quickest PSA ever

And probably the most helpful.

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Be A Statement-Maker

A tie to a man is like lipstick to a woman. You feel more powerful and confident when wearing it, and it makes you look more put together (than you actually are).

AND, while you're here, besides men's style, we also blog about women's fashion, so if you're into that— or know someone who is, please check out our Inside Scoop, where you can find the most fashion-forward styling and shopping advice, unless you want to look like the guy above, then don't.