Men's Fashion sites

An appreciation of fashion isn’t just for the gals… I’ve recently come across more than expected interesting Men’s sites. Here’s my take on a number of them – for you guys to enjoy (and ladies to pass along!)

First, our Trendsetters:

Better Than a Beatdown – Brought to you by Be Better Guys, this site is for the everyday guy. Tips on Men’s health, grooming, lifestyle, shopping, parenting…easy to read and the variety of topics keeps it fresh, especially for the guy who isn’t necessarily only fashion-obsessed.

Thrillist – Nick, Ben, and the rest of the team are the first to spill the dish on what’s new, happening, hot in your city (recently launched Boston and Chicago)…as a female I’ve also discovered some great new venues and products!

I Luw Fashion -This European blog does a solid job of combining celebrity photos with fashion commentary on new designers and styles. Helps you understand the details behind what the glamorous Hollywood elite are wearing! More geared toward those who care about fashion details.

Bay Area Style File Men’s -Highlights specific product finds, with details about where to buy these items, and price information. Only downfall is that they only post about once each week, so the recommendations are limited. Sister site Bay Area Style File approaches in the same manner, but posts much more frequently…maybe the guy’s site will increase the frequency over time too?

Calculatus Eliminatus – You can think of this as “what not to wear”. Tries to keep guys from making fashion errors. The humor is a bit on the negative side, but at least you won’t mess up if you take their tips!

And although they aren’t Shop It To Me Trendsetters (yet!?!), here’s a few other faves:

Off The Cuff DC -Based in DC, this site takes a more intellectual approach to fashion. Incorporates current events (like the death of Tim Russert) into commentary, and provides personal style guidance on topics like summer footwear, wearing ties, and various types of watches.

Easy & Elegant Life -Wants everyone to live an elegant life! Travel, food, classics all in one. I think this one is for the more mature and established gents of the bunch.

Metro Style Men for a few fashion picks each day, nice and easy reading with one photo and a quick paragraph.

And if you’re still eager for more…check out London-based commentary on fine luxury found in Permanent Style, WASP101 (the title says it all for this one), A Suitable Wardrobe for more classic men’s clothing (aka grown-up guy) advice, Savoir Vivre NY for tips spanning New York and beyond, She Knows Best where are girl dishes out the tips, grooming/shaving tips on Manscaping101, and new site Dapp3r which is somewhat like Digg or kirtsy for the guys to flag and share great fashion-related stories.