Men's Fashion: How to stay cool in the workplace without looking unprofessional

Enough about us ladies… lets talk about the guys! Your Personal Shopping is here to show the gents how to be stylish but comfortable in the office as summer months approach. Be sure to check out the blog designed to help guys be more fashion-oriented without losing their personal style.  It is a collection of how-to guides and reviews about the latest men’s fashion wear and resources for every man, every style, and every budget.

Spring is definitely here, and summer is just around the corner.  You want to stay cool at work, and you’re not just thinking temperature.  If you’re not working at Microsoft, Google, or any of the big tech companies, chances are you don’t get the luxuries of wearing whatever you want.  So how can you stay cool in the hot sun without being in the hot seat?  Below are some pointers to get you started, and examples on how to use these guidelines to work for you.

Think about fabric: Pima cotton is breathable, versatile for all season, and has outstanding quality for clothing.  Cotton blends, particularly with stretch wool or rayon/viscose, are great during the summer and keep your clothes fitted to your body.  Linen is definitely a must-have in summer attire.

Think of colors: Try mixing bolder shades of spring pastel hues to “spring” into summer.  Bold and vibrant colors can look cool and still be comfortable, such as various shades of purple, orange, and blues.  Earth and neutral tones – like olives, tans, and browns – are definitely a standard and can look professional with minimal effort.  Whites and greys are staples and versatile even when paired with bolder colors to accentuate your personal look.  Minimize wearing black as much as possible. If you do wear black, get that in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton chinos, or look for it in subtle patterns.

Think of your workplace: Format your attire based on the dynamic of your workplace.  Don’t wear sandals or flip flops if your work does not call for it.

Putting It All Together

I categorized the workplace into 3 different types to help you see how you can wear these guidelines and still look like you were cast in Ocean’s Eleven.  For each category, I chose a specific brand product that would match that environment.

Banana Republic mix and match for the conservative workplace:


Banana Republic Taupe Suit.

Kenneth Cole and Kenneth Cole Reaction mix and match for the business casual workplace:

Kenneth Cole Spearmint shirt, Kenneth Cole linen pant, & Kenneth Cole loafer

Armani Exchange mix and match for the more casual and modern workplace:

Armani Exchange cotton basic shirt, Armani Exchange linen pant