Men on the Move -- Suits, Ties, and Looking Good

The # of men I see on a daily basis in suits is few and far between.  After all,  I not only live in the relaxed and kick-back West Coast city of San Francisco, but also work in an up-and-coming area of the city with many start-ups and other entrepreneurial endeavors (i.e. NOT the center of the Financial district)…  Nonetheless, I was intriuged by these 2 nuggets about menswear.

  1. Brooks Brothers is going to be selling men’s suits inspired by “Mad Men”.  Now every guy can be as slick as the handsome and gentlemanly Don Draper!  The Emmy-winning show’s costume director, Janie Bryant, has teamed up with Brooks Brothers to create a “Mad Men” edition suit inspired by Draper and the other well-dressed gents at fictional ad firm Sterling Cooper.  Apparently only 250 will be made, and sold in 10 Brooks Brothers doors and starting on Oct. 19 through the show’s season finale on Nov. 8.  Retail price?  Around $1000 a pop.


  1. And get this — Thomas Pink is selling a “commuter tie” with a built in pocket on the underside for an iPod!  The tie comes in 7 colors, ranging from deep pink to charcoal.  For $100, guys can now listen to their music on the sly.  (Personally, seeing that guys typically wear pants and a jacket with their shirt/tie combos, I’m still not completely clear why holding the music on the underside of a tie is any easier than in a pocket…if anyone can enlighten me)