Marine Layer Solves In-Betweener Sizes: Smedium, Marge!

Always on top of style trends, this week Thrillist (a proud Shop It To Me Trendsetter), pointed out a new shirt company called Marine Layer.  What caught my eye most was their creative approach to solving the sizing challenges some guys face — when they fall right in between a Small and Medium size, for example.  While guys can buy their jeans precisely for their waist and leg sizes (ex. 32×32), Marine Layer now takes shirt sizing to a new level…and presents SMEDIUM, MARGE, LARGER!  Brilliant.


After checking out their site in more detail, I was also excited to see that the shirts are sustainably made not only in the USA, but in San Francisco (our backyard)!  Not surprisingly, they take environmental practices into consideration too.  According to their website, “our custom knit fabric is way more environmentally friendly than plain old cotton. Modal is a bio-based fiber made from beech trees. The fiber production process is significantly more sustainable than that of cotton.”

Since they look like super soft tees (think American Apparel, J.Crew, Splendid), I just wonder when they’ll start a Women’s line with similar sizing!