Make a Halloween Costume from Everyday Fashion

Everyone’s favorite holiday is around the corner Halloween!  Especially with saving money being such a recent focus, do-it-yourself costumes are a huge plus this year!

Lollie Shopping, one of our Trendsetters, is a sleuth of great deals and continuously uncovers unique fashion-related goodies!  She wanted to guest post and share some great advice just for you about costumes you can make from home:

Halloween is upon us, and if you haven’t had the chance to plan, purchase or construct your Halloween costume, do not despair. Here are three easy-to-make Halloween costumes created from everyday fashion.

1) 80s Rag-a-muffin

Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, The Go-Go’s or any type of 80s pop star wanna-be, this is an easy costume to create since retro 80s trends are a part of every modern wardrobe.

*** What I’m wearing:*** ankle boots, leggings, knee length tulle skirt, vintage Cyndi Lauper concert t-shirt and a scarf on my head.

What you could wear: brightly colored pumps, leg warmers, tights, denim mini and a bustier. Or, wear ankle boots, black tights and…a black garbage bag. Where the bag is sealed, find the center and cut a hole to fit your head and neck through. Cut holes along the side where your arms go. Cinch with a studded belt. Not only will you look like a young Belinda Carlisle, you’ll stay dry if it rains.

Tip: Focus on accessories – sunglasses, fingerless gloves and pile on the jewelry.

***Alternative:***Pat Benatar – A pair of fetish shoes, black liquid leggings, an asymmetrical blouse and a headband across the forehead and you can hit ’em with your best shot.

2) Space Diva

Finally you can wear all your metallic fashion at once and it’s not a faux pas.

*** What I’m wearing:*** metallic boots and a metallic dress.

What you could wear: any type of metallic shoe will suffice, along with metallic jeans and a metallic blouse. Or, did you invest in a sweet metallic coat? Pair it with some metallic shoes, keep the coat belted all night and you’re good to go.

Tip: Use metallic makeup to give yourself a space age look. Create a laser weapon with some cardboard and foil paper.

***Alternative:***Femme Bot – If you’ve got the body and some sexy metallic pieces, why not? For this one, knee high boots are a must.

3) Deranged Beauty Queen/Prom Queen

While Carrie set the trend for this one, you don’t have to stick with a pink slip dress and pig’s blood. Think “Prom Night” or “Jawbreaker” for inspiration.

*** What I’m wearing:*** dressy shoes, full length beaded gown and a tiara strategically skewed.

What you could wear: any type of dress shoe, any full length or knee length party or cocktail dress.

Tip: Props, wild hair and smeared makeup are essential. My props are a skewed tiara and a “Miss Anthropic” sash. You could also try a dried bouquet of flowers, a knife (preferably a toy knife) or a bottle of whiskey.

***Alternative:***Deranged Bridesmaid – Now is your chance to mock the hideous satin dyed shoes and garish bridesmaid dress you were forced to wear at your cousin Greta’s wedding. And, if you’re bold enough, tuck the back of your dress into your pantyhose for comedic flair.


Thanks again to Lollie Shopping for this great post!