LBD not cutting it? We have cocktail dresses for the cold!

While cocktail dresses tend to be required year-round, the weather is not always permitting. Let’s face it – a tiny strapless dress (though maybe adorable) just isn’t enough in, say, a blizzard. Even beneath your warmest winter coat! For this reason, I’ve been loving the fabulous variety of fun and functional long-sleeved mini dresses in Salemail lately. Here are a few of my favorites from ShopBop:

1. TibiDraped Jeweled Dress (50% off) 2. Alice + OliviaCutout Sleeve Dress (30% off)** 3. Alice + Olivia**Layered Cutout Dress (50% off) 4. Helmut LangPowder Print Dress (30% off)

Do yourself a favor and snag one of these adorable frocks while we’ve got ’em! The additional layer over your arms will go a long way in arctic temperatures, and it’s not like you’ll be sacrificing style. For extra warmth, just pile on the layers (think ankle boots, tights, fuzzy scarves, gloves, and a winter coat). Stay frostbite-free, fashionistas!