Layering 101: How To Bundle Up In Style

Baby, its cold outside! It’s a good thing we have our Trendsetter Chanelle of The Penelope Times here to show us how to layer the perfect winter look. Be sure to check out the 20-something Los Angelino’s fashion, art, music and lifestyle blog for her unique online vintage clothing store!

Layering may seem easy, but it can actually be quite challenging! There’s a certain balance to layering, as there is such thing as too many layers or not enough. Here are some steps to follow…


Step one**: Start with a base outfit **– something simple that consists of a top and a bottom. For example: shorts and a t-shirt, tights and a dress, jeans and a tank, etc. You want the base to be minimal so that you have something to build on without having TOO many layers.

**Step two: Adding your first layer **– for warm weather, think light second layers, such as a cardigan or a vest. If  its cooler, you might as well go all the way with thick sweaters and knits. Be careful that your second layer isn’t *too *thick – you don’t want to feel constricted or look like a stuffed marshmallow! Try and pair colors and/or prints that complement each other but don’t match exactly. This way the layers will have that dimension you want, rather than blending together.

**Step three: Adding top layer **– If it’s warm you can add a light jacket or blazer on top, but if it’s cold add a leather jacket or coat. The top layer should act as the “cherry on top”, or the final piece to the puzzle! Solid colors tend to make the best top layers, otherwise the print may conflict with the shown layers.

**Step four: adding accessories **– Hats, leg warmers, scarves, belts, socks, knee highs, and gloves all fall into this category. Accessories are fun and should be played with, but be careful because they can get out of hand. Accessories should be complimentary to the outfit and not take away from it.

**Step five: Adding jewelry **– Jewelry should be the last thing you add because like accessories, you’ll want to make sure the pieces compliment your outfit. Cocktail rings are a nice subtle touch and so are elegant necklaces. If you have a jacket on, loose the bracelets – they’re bothersome and won’t be seen anyway.  Earrings are tricky… If you have a scarf or necklace on, omit. If you have your hair up and nothing on your neck, put those puppies on!

Layering is about balance much like anything in fashion. Often times, less is more. Layering should be appealing, comfortable, and look effortless! I hope these tips helped break down the process and make it a little easier to work with.

*post and photos by Chanelle of The Penelope Times