Japanese Fashion: Stylish in Any Language

Imagine a land where subways are silent, public restrooms are spotless and it’s the norm for men to look ultra trendy. After my most recent trip I learned this is in fact called “Japan”. I just got back from my first-ever visit to Tokyo and Kyoto and I loved the food, the landscape and especially the style.

Here are a couple of guys who were hanging out in front of La Foret, an amazing department store in Tokyo:


Having a sharp fashion sense definitely seemed to be part of the culture in the Tokyo, and Harajuku was one of my favorite style-spotting neighborhoods. It’s known for “cosplay” or costume play, where people dress up in costumes to represent anime or other popular characters. But I found the regular street style just as interesting.

Another La Foret shot…


This is a chic couple in Ginza, the upscale shopping district of the city. Is it wrong that I want a pair of both the woman’s, and her son’s, boots?


I snapped a shot of this couple in Kiddyland, a crazy multi-level store full of kiddie toys that’s totally worthwhile whether you’re a kid or not. (I really wanted a tuna roll USB drive they offered but alas, it was around $80…not so kiddie-priced.)


I’m so glad I was able to take a photo of this girl because she’s wearing one of those outfits that just needs to be captured.


If you’re looking for more Japanese street style, take a look at bijin-tokei – it actually posts a photo of a trendy girl every minute of the hour! And taking a look at the photos fabulous blogger Jane Aldridge put on her site Sea of Shoes is a must.

What are your thoughts on Japanese style?