Introducing Trendsetter Thursdays!


They’re refreshing, always in style, mostly sweet and sometimes tart. No, not a pitcher of lemonade — they’re our guest bloggers! We’re happy to introduce** Trendsetter Thursdays!**

As the name implies, every Thursday we’ll put up an article written by a Trendsetter (someone in our network of favorite sites).

Trendsetter Thursdays are a great way for us to introduce you to some amazing bloggers you may not already be familiar with. In the past we’ve had seasoned fashion experts write about appropriate interview outfits, a professional stylist put together an Oscar-worthy look, and a stylish men’s editor create sophisticated formal outfits using clothes from Old Navy, JC Penney and H&M, just to name a few.

We’ve had so many great contributors, we’re happy to feature them on our site on a regular basis so you can know when to look out for them. Here’s to some great Trendsetter Thursdays to come!