How to wear sequins at the office: Can it be done?

We all love a little sparkle, but it’s important to keep in mind that dressing like a disco ball likely isn’t going to fly at the office. Katherine from KittyMarie is here to show us how to do sequins right! Be sure to check out her blog – from the perspective of one girl in search of lessons on life, love, and the pursuit of good design.

Like anything delightfully sinful, a glass of expensive wine or a rich chocolate dessert, sequins are best when used in moderation.

Certainly sparkle is appropriate for a fabulous holiday party or night spent drinking Cosmos at a club, but for every day, remain understated, especially when at the office. You wouldn’t want to blind the top clients while giving your stellar presentation on the latest sales figures, now would you?

Use sequins sparingly. Accessories are particularly appropriate places to insert a little glam into an ensemble. Even those required to wear a uniform to work can add a personal touch to the outfit with some earring bling, like these Obey Sequin Earrings in 18k gold for $26.

Not recommended, of course, if you work around small children or large criminals.

If you prefer a flair for the dramatic, a Mini Sequin Gold Scarf can do the trick, like this one for $20 by Luxe and Lavish on Etsy.

A boring old black suit can be jazzed up easily with some sparingly sequined heels. We’re not talking platform glitter bombs, just a little elegance and shine. Try this pair of Caparros Elan Sequined Ruffle Sandals for $54.95. They come in gold, silver, white, and ivory.

Finally, for the utmost sequin bang for your buck if you are feeling adventurous, wear this J. Crew Stardust Pencil Skirt for $118. Available in silver and copper, it is made out of silk and microsequins. Paired with a simple blouse and set of heels, you will make a definite statement without screaming “Will dance for money.”

Your own judgment is the best measurement when sizing up a sequined accessory. If you think your boss would either: A. Laugh hysterically and request a lap dance; B. Frown, ask for your TPS reports, and move your office to the basement; or C. Point toward the unemployment office, you might be better off skipping the sparkling piece. But if you wear them properly, sequins in the office will get you noticed in all the right ways.