How to Wear Leggings: 4 Tricks to Try Now

Outside of the gym, wearing any pants sporting an elastic waistband is generally frowned upon, from a fashion standpoint. The one exception? Leggings. Maybe that’s why they continue to make a comeback every few seasons.

They’re easy to wear as long as you stick to these two rules of thumb:

  1. Pair them with a looser top to avoid a too-tight catsuit-like situation.
  2. Make sure your top or skirt covers the toosh, just as you would if you were wearing tights.

Here are a few styling tricks to rock ‘em like a pro.


1. Texture Up Top: Pair them with a furry jacket or chunky sweater to give your outfit more dimension.


2. Add a Cropped Coat. As Gossip Girl stylists demonstrate, a longer tunic topped with a cropped jacket creates a fun play on proportions.


3. Blouse or Button Down: An oversized button down adds a model-off-duty edge to your look — especially when pairing a silk top with leather (or faux-leather) leggings.


4. Layer it Up: Layer on the belts, hats, jackets and boots to add some richness.

Images via Street PeeperStreetFSNJust JaredDenimologyLife and Shopbop