How to Stay Warm and Still Look Fab!

Don’t let cold weather bring you down! Find ways to stay warm AND stylish during winter months with ShopGoldyn. Be sure to check out designer e-tailer’s blog – full of style inspirations and spotlights on the latest in art, music and culture for the modern-day Goldyn girl.

As the snow starts to fall and the bitter chill of the winter wind begins to numb your every extremity, it can be difficult to dress your best. While it may seem tempting to wrap yourself in a blanket and curl up on the couch, don’t forget that some of our favorite formal events take place during the chilliest of months! There are still a handful of opportunities to express your inner fashionista with appropriate winter attire. Don’t let a cold climate stifle your style!

Go Glam: Slip on a short fur coat (real, faux, whatever you please) over your favorite cocktail dress for a timeless look that will get temperatures rising. The fur will help you brave the cold and look amazing as you head to your heated destination. Try a pair of solid colored patterned tights or black thigh high socks for a sexy edge. Keep it glamorous with a pair of vintage inspired opera gloves, and be ready to melt the hearts of all others in attendance.

Go Jenny Humphrey: Use a nicely fitted coat as a substitute for a dress! With this look, it is all about the accessories and accents. Wear a girly skirt with ruffles, pleats or an interesting pattern to peek below your coat allowing for a formal accent. Grab attention and cozy leg warmth by adding bright colored tights or patterned knee-high socks, and don’t forget to cover yourself in classic pearls and sassy jewelry. This look is fun, flirty, and comfy in the cold!

**Go Rocker: **Take your classic cocktail dress and add an overdose of edge by wearing a leather jacket and slip into a pair of sheer black tights for ample leg coverage. Channel your animalistic inner wild child by adding a leopard print scarf, which will keep you warm and look amazing with your dress if you decide to ditch the jacket. Add a pair of black lace gloves be ready to hit the town looking hot!

With each of these looks you are ready to storm the formal winter party scene in both comfort and style. Brave the weather and strut your stuff!