How to Color Your Closet

colormyclosetWhen you think of an exciting wardrobe, do the colors black, brown, tan and gray come to mind? Not so much. Luckily, injecting color into a neutral palette is our Trendsetter Color My Closet‘s bread and butter. Founder Lauren Battistini shares some tips on how to add color successfully.

*The majority of people are stuck in a color rut wearing the same neutrals of white, khaki, grey, brown and black day after day. Bringing your closet to life with color is simple if you follow this plan.


The lovely Lauren Battistini, founder of Color My Closet

In order to add color appropriately, reconsider the neutrals you are using. Neutrals serve as a wardrobe foundation and can work for or against you when building the right color mixes in your closet. If your skin tone is very warm, then your neutrals should be ivory, khaki or camel, and brown. If you are cool, then whites, grays, and blacks are ideal. Those who are neutral generally use soft white, taupe, and soft browns or blacks.

Begin adding color in small doses with accessories. Scarves, hats, jewelry and handbags all work well and allow women to experiment with color in a low-cost way.  Another trick is to use any two neutrals and one color-for example, black, white and cobalt. The neutrals coordinate and the addition of just one color contrasts beautifully to create more interest in an outfit ensemble. Another option is to mix two colors with one neutral-for example, magenta, bright yellow and gray.

Using unexpected color combinations makes for a refreshed and creative wardrobe. Consider navy and coral, pink and taupe, yellow and turquoise, or violet and green, or a monochromatic look with varying shades of blue. The only rule of thumb is to use colors that have a similar look and feel. For example, bold and vivid colors mix and match seamlessly, but adding muted colors to that mix creates an incongruent wardrobe.

Another way to incorporate color is to use your three favorite shades and build your wardrobe around them. If you are uncertain of which colors to select, then consider the four universally flattering colors: true red, turquoise, teal and eggplant.

Whether you choose to incorporate color sparingly or in large doses, it makes a huge difference in your appearance and attitude about getting dressed every day! Color should be embraced, not feared.