Hot Indie Fashion Magazines

From indie inspired personalities, to outfits, to DIY projects, The Flip Side of Oz is in-the-know and has some great reads for you to check out that are sure to bring out the creative, inspired, individuals that we know all of our readers are! To satisfy your fix for fashion insights, editorial picks, daily outfits show Grace some love and visit her blog.

We all love to read fashion magazines.  Glossies like Vogue and Elle greet us each month packed full of couture wonderfulness.  Now I love flipping through the pages of Vogue as much as the next fashionista; however, sometimes I need options that are a little more, um, realistic.  Plus, what if I want something unique?  What if I want to know where to find the best vintage pieces?  Or want a cool, DIY project like tie-dye tights (keep reading!)?  Your best bet: Indie Fashion Magazines.  Read on for a rundown of the best of the best.

PaperMag – This upbeat magazine is more than fashion, it’s just plain fun!  All you bloggers and blog-lovers (I’m assuming, since you are reading this one) will love the recent article, (un)socializing, featuring some of the web’s best, up-and-coming personalities.

Bust Magazine –  Sorry dudes! This one, like the name, was designed specifically for the ladies.  The magazine is packed to the brim with young women doing amazing things.  In addition to fashion advice and emerging designers, the magazine also highlights fun yet achievable DIY projects such as these awesome tie-dye tights.

N.E.E.T Magazine – For all things unique and vintage, this is the magazine to read.  You can also browse the entire current edition on their website.  Found a necklace you just have to have?  Simply click your obsession du jour and a second browser window appears at the item’s website.

Viva La Moda – This quarterly magazine is all about DIY fashion and I’m not talking about that dress your grandma made for you that your Mom made you wear for your 3rd grade class photo (no, I’m not bitter).  Instead, this magazine highlights current styles and trends, but handmade by some very talented ladies and gents.  Think Etsy, in periodical form.

Dujour – This fashion mag is like the delicious frosting on your favorite cupcake.  From subtle, light pink details to romantically-styled models, everything about this magazine reads feminine.  The publication highlights up-and-coming artists and designers, showcases gorgeous photographs, and leaves you feeling completely satisfied and not at all guilty… unlike that frosting on your cupcake.