Hervé Léger? Think again! Celebrity style at a price that fits your budget.

There’s no denying that Hervé Léger’s banded dresses are all the rage right now. The celebrities are wearing them, and they paint the pages of fashion magazines far and wide. From the red carpet to the runway, these tight little numbers are worn by style’s elite.


You may be asking yourself why you don’t have your own Hervé Léger hanging in your closet. Well, if you are not a celebrity or high-fashion model (or queen, for that matter), their approximate $1500 price tag may be a bit steep. We have not been able to find a comparable design…until now!


Though I am certainly lusting over the one-shoulder design of Hervé Léger’s Dégradé bandage dress, $1,590 is a tad out of reach. Tadashi’s Shoji Ombré Shutter Dress has combined the classic cut with two-toned color pizazz, and it’s available in Sale Spot for just $208. Go get ’em gals!