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Does the old saying no pain no gain hold true in fashion? Sometimes it seems that way. Especially this season, where it just so happens the shoe du jour is a sky high, often excruciatingly uncomfortable stiletto. Also, as a girl who loves her oversized purses, I know that at the end of the day the back pain can be a little unpleasant. And I’m sure you also have seen all the articles denouncing flip flops as terrible for your both your back health and your feet. Doctors have suggested wearing a slightly lower heel on those stilettos, choosing a little more substantial sole on those flip flops, and downsizing those Mary Poppins, hold-everything style satchels. While the comfort options out there may not always be the cutest, here are some viable, healthy alternatives. The ones on the left are the “dangerously” cute, while the right hand side has the “comfortably” chic.

** Heels**

BCBGirls - NickoleBcbgirls – Nickole
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Now: $69.99

BCBGirls - LionsBcbgirls – Lions
Regular: $90.00
Now: $59.99** Bags**

MICHAEL Michael Kors Millbrook Canvas Large ToteMichael Michael Kors ****Millbrook Canvas Tote

Regular: $302.00
Now: $223.48MICHAEL Michael Kors Belvedere Medium Satchel
Michael Michael Kors ****Belvedere Satchel

Regular: $332.00
**Now: $226.00****Sandals

Belle by sigerson morrison SilverSigerson Morrison Belle
Regular: $174.99
Now: $133.87

Kenneth Cole - Glam GirlK****enneth Cole Glam Girl
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