Get To Know Annie Ladino: Up Close & Personal

Annie Ladino

Want to know more about Annie? We hope you enjoy our first Q&A:

Why are you excited about being Shop It To Me’s Stylist In Residence?

I’m excited to be working with Shop It To Me because it’s a site I’ve been totally hooked on for the past year.  I love it for the great bargains but also because I found items I had coveted in past seasons that I thought were long gone and then I had a second chance to own them.

I’m also really excited to create content for the blog.  I find inspiration everywhere and I realized that when I’m working with a client we’re usually bouncing ideas off each other until we come up with the final look.  I think this process is still a mystery to anyone not in the industry and it will be fun to give aspiring fashionista’s a peek into the industry…. and show them how to dress the part.

What’s in your Salemail?

A few brands you’ll find in my Salemail are Alaia, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Prada/Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler, Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Erdem, Iro, J.Crew, Camilla Skovgaard and Sigerson Morrison

What are your current obsessions?

I’m currently obsessed with a pink, orange, and black striped dress from Prada Spring 2011, Jil Sander’s paperbag floral skirt, color block from Versus, Surf/Sportswear inspired trends, Animal prints and lace.

What’s the best bargain you’ve ever scored?

My first year as an assistant at a magazine I bought an H&M $35 pleather jacket I just about wore with everything and pretty much every day until it fell apart.  Recently I upgraded to a Balenciaga one.  This one doesn’t come off either.  They both do the trick.  It’s not about how MUCH something costs, it’s about the quality and the significance it has to the person.

How would you describe your personal style?

French Bohemian.  Modern, sophisticated but never rigid or forced.  I like to feel comfortable and am a hippie at heart but definitely like a heel and a tight chic dress.

What’s your secret to creating a signature look?

Try something unexpected and wear it with confidence.  If you like it, it will show.  I once read somewhere that Kate Moss said if everyone is dressed up, dress down and if everyone is dressed down, dress up.  Basically try the unexpected.  Go with your gut.  Don’t wear a trend for the sake of wearing it.  Wear it because you like it and want to express yourself.

On what do you splurge?


****On what do you save?

Handbags (I’ve never heard a guy say – “that’s a hot purse!” I have however on many occasions heard, “those are some sexy heels.”)