Free Marie Claire Subscriptions -- Comment and you could win!

In honor of the finale of Running In Heels**that airs this Sunday (4/26), we’re giving away FIVE free 1-year subscriptions to Marie Claire magazine…and you could receive one!


On the series, we watched the Marie Claire interns as they endured moments of competitive cattiness, hob-nobbed with the stars and fashion elite, ran errands all over Manhattan, and learned the ins and outs of what it’s like to work at a fashion magazine.  We admired their fashion and style sense, and chatted about whose outfits we’d most like to own, and what pressure it must be to work in such a fashionista-filled environment.


So the Running In Heels inspired contest?  We’re giving away FIVE free 1-year subscriptions to Marie Claire magazine. For the chance to win, just leave a comment below with what you consider to be the greatest office fashion faux-pas! (And of course –we know you would never commit such a thing…only view it with your own two eyes!)  We’re already excited to see the variety of responses (toilet paper stuck on stiletto heels, bra straps hanging out left and right…what else do you have in mind?)


We’ll pick the winners on May 1st so they can receive Marie Claire all year round!