Feet That Make Your Legs Look Longer

Just when I thought Alexander McQueen could do no wrong, he went and made a shoe that looks like a foot. The shoe was featured in *Elle *this month. It’s eerily lifelike, with toenail indentations and all. Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes? Cool. Walking a mile in someone else’s feet? Kind of freaky. If I want to look barefoot, my own bare feet will do just fine.

When the stilettos first appeared in McQueen’s Spring 2009 collection, there were questions as to whether retailers would actually carry them.  Now they do! But be warned – the price tag is not for the faint of heart. They sell for $1,865 at Maxfield, L.A. Although I can’t find a website for the store, their number, address and reviews are on the Maxfield Yelp page. (Gotta love Yelp!)