What's Our Decade's Signature Style?

People have often said fashion repeats itself, and that couldn’t be more true at the moment. For the past couple years, the focus has been on the return of the ‘80s. But right now we’re seeing strong influences from a lot of different decades, all reborn in a modern way.

Fringe flapper dresses and bob haircuts are everywhere, a clear throwback to ‘20s fashion. Trendhunter Magazine noted the swinging 1940s influence in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2009 RTW collection. You can’t open InStyle or People Magazine or right now without seeing a reference to hippie ‘60s boho chic.

The current co-existence of all the different decades of fashion makes me wonder what people will consider to be the signature style of the 2000s in the future. It’s hard for me to step back and see a unifying theme. It’s also difficult for me to imagine a time when a lot of today’s styles may no longer look chic. But then again, I can only guess that’s how Stylist Leah Feldon felt when she chose this photo for her 1982 book Dressing Rich: A Guide to Classic Chic for Women with More Taste than Money. Styles change — let this be a reminder to us all.