Different Ways to Organize Your Closet

**Getting dressed is never an easy feat…add a chaotic closet and this task can become a mind boggling conundrum! Blogger 260 Days, No Repeats has a few quick and easy tips to share that will help you closet undergo the makeover it has always wanted. Don’t forget to check out her daily fashion blog for some inspiration on how to re-work your favorite articles of clothing into new and unique outfits.




**A man’s home might be his castle, but I think a woman’s home is her closet. How you organize it should be a reflection of your personality and how you get ready to go out. I don’t think there are rules set in stone but, there are a few general guidelines that everyone can utilize:

  • Clean House: Take everything out of the closet(s) so you can see it all clearly and decide what really deserves to be there. Things that have holes, stains, etc. should be mended/cobbled and if possible or gotten rid of.
  • Sort: The rest of the items in your closet should be separated into “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” piles. “Yes”, for the stuff you can’t live without. “No”, for the things that are not flattering or you haven’t worn in years (these items should be donated.) And lastly the “maybe” pile for the things you can’t make a split second decision on
  • Toss: Whittle it down to final “yes” and “no” piles. Be vicious with your wardrobe and only keep the things you love!
  • Sort what has been deemed worthy into categories (shirts, dresses, etc.)
  • Sort by color: Once items are sorted by category, sort them by color. This makes everything easier to find and will allow you to put together outfits in a breeze.
  • Invest in uniform hangers (if possible): I like slimline hangers like these for tops, basic clips for skirts, and heavy duty plastic ones for coats and jackets.
  • Stash Shoes: Shoes should be arranged in shoes boxes with pictures or clear bins if space allows. Perhaps in a hanging rack on the back of the door or just lined up neatly on the floor.
  • Fold Sweaters: Sweaters should be folded and stacked on a shelf or in drawers.