Congrats to Our Ten Tweepstakes Winners!

Congratulations to the Shop It To Me Tweepstakes winners!

We’ve contacted the lucky ten and here they are along with their fabulous fashion philosophies:

SereneMoments: Modern world, classic look, antique budget
JK8675309: Be Yourself and Be Unique
InnerCircleAli: There’s no business like shoe business
HaleyBoyer: Clean and classic with a trendy touch.
VirginWrites: Light on fabric, heavy on the jewelry.
hrbeck: Fashions fade, style is eternal.
lindaatherbest: A card-carrying, stiletto-wearing, chic-freak!
cconeill: I’m glam but rough around the edges.
LKozaki: vertically-challenged, stiletto fiend.
veemeemy: Style is 50% fashion, 50% attitude.**
******A huge thanks to everyone who helped us hit 10,000 followers. We love you all!

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Happy Shopping!