Celebrity Fashion Ad Showdown!

Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and Lindsay Lohan are all jumping into the world of modeling as the new faces of Miu Miu, Armani Underwear, and Fornarina, for their Spring 2009 ad campaigns.

Katie Holmes defines glamour in Miu Miu’s stunning advertisements. The image of the label, from the House of Prada, is truly embodied in these ads. Katie, with her sultry look and smoky cat eyes, definitely captures the desired image of a “luminous icon radiating a sense of mystery and theatricality”. I love it.



We all try not to hate Victoria for that hunk of a husband, David Beckham (also part of the Armani campaign), and these advertisements are not making it any easier! Though usually followed by controversy over her stick-thin frame, Victoria looks healthy and toned in these photos. The underwear is sexy, and the ads are tasteful. Get you in the mood for Valentines Day?



And Lindsay, the famous actress/tabloid princess, takes a stab at being a model as well. And stab she does! Though the style of the ads is not my personal favorite, I must admit that Lindsay looks killer in them. She definitely portrays that youthful funkiness that Fornarina fashion is all about.


So which do you like best: Katie for Miu Miu, Victoria for Armani, or Lindsay for Fornarina?