While celebs may have the means to always look fab and chic, you can wear the same hot styles as they do…but for less! After browsing through my Salemail, I spotted a couple items that looked familiar. Check it out:

Spotted by US Magazine: Jenny McCarthy, Blake Lively, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler all wearing the same Black Halo cut out dress.  If you’re interested act fast…this 40% off steal is sure to sell out quickly!

Black Halo Dress

Black Halo Cut-out Dress: Reg: $325,Now: $195

Michelle Obama is applauded by the media for her affordable style, so  I was delighted to find the shirt Michelle wore for her interview with Jay Leno in my Salemail this morning. Unfortunately, the item already sold out, but I have been seeing a lot of JCrew in my Salemail recently, so hopefully another cute Michelle pick will show up soon!


US Magazine asked its readers who wore this beautiful Herve Leger dress better: Amanda Bynes or Denise Richards…then I found it in my Salemail! It has already sold out, but if you are as obsessed with Herve Leger as I am then add this brand to your preferences and cross your fingers!

Celebs in Herve Leger

Challenge to all readers: if you see any hot celeb styles in your Salemail let us know so we can all take advantage of these great bargains while they last!