Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

It’s been pretty much drilled into us that following Labor Day holiday weekend in September, white is a style no-no. But what does it really mean? Why can’t we wear it? And who says!? And when is it ok to wear white again? Here – let’s take a look at what’s really going on when it comes to wearing white after Labor Day.

So, what’s the story?

Not wearing white after Labor Day started as a general fashion rule in American high society that white should only be worn in the summer months – or at your wedding. When Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, this became a point of reference for the end of summer. Hence, after this date, you should have switched to your fall wardrobe and packed away your white summer clothes. This out-dated fashion etiquette trickled down to become ‘the norm’ when really, we should be able to wear whatever we want.

This is the only reason people say you can’t wear white after Labor Day? – Yes! Really. Which is why we’re calling it out as nonsense and saying loudly and proudly, you can wear white whenever you want!

So – to conclude – YES, you can totally wear white after Labor Day! Why not?!

The trick? Make it fall, make it winter. Make it obviously not summer. And you can wear whatever color you like, whenever you like!

How to Wear White in Winter

Here are our top tips for wearing white in winter with a few stylish picks from our collection partners at Shop It To Me.

Embrace the White Boot Trend

Luckily, white boots are in so that makes this winter white style tip 100% easier. Embrace white boots and make sure this is the next hue to enter your winter accessories wardrobe. Whether you’re into the western-inspired cowboy boot look or simple Chelsea or lace-up military boots, opt for white to inject this look into your everyday wardrobe as a cool alternative to black boots or sneakers.

Invest in Thick, High-Quality White Denim

White denim is certainly not just for summer. Styled right, white denim is the perfect choice for fall and winter – we even wrote a blog recently on how to wear white jeans in fall, so check it out for extra tips on what to add to your wardrobe if this is a look you fancy trying out for yourself!

Double Up with a White Denim Jacket

Once you’ve come to terms with wearing white jeans in winter, you just won’t be able to resist the urge to wear more denim. This is when doubling up on white denim can cure your cravings. The look is very street-inspired but looks ultra-stylish when paired with a cropped roll-neck sweater or even just a simple graphic tee for a sportier twist. Finish with chunky ankle boots or sneakers.

Layer White Jeans with Cream and Tan

Solid color blocking with white is a super-chic and statement way to go when opting for this trend this winter. However, if top to toe white isn’t really for you, an easy and versatile way to mix up the look is to layer your white jeans with variations of cream, beige and tan color palettes.

Opt for chunky and slouchy shapes and keep hues warm and fall-appropriate for a color combination that always looks expensive. From cozy sweaters to this season’s sharpest tailored wool coat, these colors always look good together.

Choose Big, Snuggly Knitwear

When it comes to white in winter, thick, textured and snuggly fabrics just tend to work best. This is where oversized, cozy dressing gets chic. And you get to be warm and snug while you’re out and about in the cold too!

Opt for oversized, longline sweaters and jumpers with statement or voluminous sleeves to really take advantage of this stylish look. Roll, turtle and funnel necklines look great with a chunky white knit look while keeping your neck warm too no matter how far the temperature drops.

Layer Your Knitwear with Contrasting Leather

Once you’ve picked out your go-to white knitwear, what do you style it with? If you want to try something other than white, blue or black jeans, leather is a super-chic option. Not only does a leather skirt or trouser contrast beautifully with the coloring of a chunky sweater but the texture difference is perfectly on-trend too and gives your outfit a seriously high-end, expensive feel.

Leather and knitwear – this season’s brand-new BFF.

Go for Chunky Faux Fur

Classic but on-trend, white faux fur is a clear choice when you feel like dressing for the snow. Whether you like a traditional faux fur coat or just an accent of faux fur with a scarf or winter hat, white fur is a perfect choice to nail this look. And, it’s simply made for the winter.

Style white faux fur with anything from a head to toe white outfit to classic skinny jeans and a casual oversized hoodie.

Opt for On-Trend Padding

The puffer jacket is one of the key pieces this winter and that means cozy and warm dressing to combat the cold. So, why not embrace winter whites and pick this palette for your new puffer jacket.

To get a modern and clean, contemporary look with your choice of puffer, opt for oversized – even if this means choosing a style a few sizes above your regular size. Fitted and compact puffers tend to look dated so choose bulky and slouchy puffers for an edgier take on the look.

Pair It with Snakeskin

If you’re wondering how else you can style up your winter white fashion picks, why not combine it with one of the biggest trends of the season to promise yourself an on-trend look. Opt for snakeskin. This print is HUGE in the fashion world right now and whether you look at fully printed trousers or a touch of print with heels or boots, there’s no denying how good it looks against white.

Do It with Tailoring

Feel like incorporating some post-Labor Day white into your workwear wardrobe? Or just love a sharp weekend vibe? Opt for white tailoring. From full trouser suits to beautiful blazers or neat high-waist pants, white looks eternally polished. As long as you can keep it clean!

So – we started with the question, can you wear white after Labor Day? And we’re screaming loud and clear, YES YES YES! Don’t you just hate to be told what to do anyway?

When it comes to rules on what colors to wear and when, we stick to not wearing a white dress to a wedding…. and that’s about it! Don’t let an old and outdated rule about white being a summer-only color hold you back and embrace winter whites for a fresh injection of style into your wardrobe that you’ll love to wear.

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