Buying Tips For When You Want to Take a Dip


playground It’s that time again…time to start shedding the layers and searching for swimsuits! For some, swimsuit shopping can be fun. For many, it’s a little scary. Our guest blogger **Lluviaschick from Playground&Imperfection sheds some light on the **topic. We** love reading her blog for thoughtful insights on designer collections, trends, her personal style and all things fashion. Here she shares some great tips on what to think about when purchasing a new swimsuit.**


Let’s face it — summer is knocking on our doors and we haven’t still found the perfect swimsuit. Every year after Christmas and winter sales we put all our effort into looking good for summer (diet, gym, or a combination of both). But the truth is, sometimes finding the perfect swimsuit is even harder than figuring out our holiday destinations.

Taking a cue from “The Girl with the Green Scarf” — that is, using an economic perspective — our decision must be based on multiple variables. (For those who are unfamiliar, the green scarf reference is from *Confessions of a Shopaholic. * It’s a silly movie, but worth watching — you’ll relate to some of the situations.) Here are the most important factors:

  1. Overall design and color preferences. Are you a bathing suit girl or a bikini girl? Bikinis are more common nowadays but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for you. When thinking about colors, take into account your skin tone in the summer. Black is always a good choice.
  2. Body shape. What part of your body you like the most? What would you like to emphasize? What do you want to hide? For instance, high-waist styles look better on tall women.
  • Culture and costumes. What you wear has a lot to do with your region’s culture or where you are visiting/traveling. For example, for Brazilians the rule is “the tinier, the better” while on the Mediterranean coast what matters the most is aesthetics (including accessories).
  1. Comfort. First and foremost you must feel comfortable in your swimsuit.

  2. Use. What do you want it for? For the beach, for the swimming pool, for sunbathing, for partying…

  3. Age. As with many garments, there’s a suitable swimsuit for every age.

  4. Price and brand. These two are often related.

It’s your decision. Now use Shop It to Me and find the perfect swimsuit for you!

*Make sure you edit your profile to include swimwear — you can do this by visiting *****, clicking Edit Categories/Sizes and selecting Swim.  Some great brands for swimwear include Victoria’s Secret, BCBG, Roxy, DKNY, Michael Kors, American Apparel and Juicy Couture.

Photos: 1. La Perla, 2. Missoni, 3. American Apparel, 4. Emilio Pucci, 5. Azzaro, 6. American Apparel