Burberry Launches New Interactive Ad Campaign

Burberry’s done it again… blown our minds, that is. Call us materialistic, but does this video highlighting the cast in the new Burberry ad campaign not make you squeal!? The models and the clothing are equally and astonishingly beautiful…


Today Burberry launched their new, interactive AW2010 ad campaign. Labeled “the ads of the future” (Grazia), you can use your mouse to scroll over the image and make the models change positions, walk around, and, well, come to life! I know I spent a few minutes totally captivated, while I would typically scan a standard image in a couple seconds and be on my way. First their Art of the Trench website, and now this! Burberry has found fun, innovative ways to utilize the digital world and help sell their product… so classic, yet so very modern!


Its like a fun little game for fashion-obsessed adults! I think it’s safe to say we’re suckers for these virtual teasers. Are the new interactive ads working on you?!