Bridal Shower Dresses For The Bride

With such an array of white dresses out there, you would think that it would be easy-peasy to find your perfect bridal shower dress. Wrong! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? ;P

Joking aside, sometimes the more options you have, the harder it is to choose one.

We’re here to help and guide you, with plenty of suggestions, so that you can feel more confident about your bridal shower look.

White or Off-White

Cream or off-white is ideal to wear to your shower. Heck, you can wear black if you want to, but, generally speaking, white and creamy tones signify that you’re the one getting married and that it’s your special day.

It’s an unspoken rule that only the bride-to-be should show up to the shower in a white or natural color. As for everyone else, any color but white/cream is a yes.

You can go as plain or as unique as you want to. You have creative reign here. Let’s take a look at some options so that you can get an idea of what’s out there and what’s recommended.

Something Classic

If you're more of a plain jane girl, let it show! There's tons of fabulously simple white dresses that will still make you stand out on your shower day.

After all, "simplicity is the keynote of all true excellence" as quoted by Coco Chanel; and the above Natori dress is nothing short of spectacular, albeit incomplex.

Another simple stunner is this Jay Godfrey ruffled neck dress. Sleek, short, and feminine, this dress hits all the marks.

We suggest wearing a bold pump with any of these looks, or with whatever dress you ultimately choose. Think shiny and sparkly - the more embellished the better. Especially because it's okay for the dress to be plain, you can really have fun with your shoe choice, without it looking overboard.

Go Unique

Now that you know it's OK to go basic, let's take a look at some more complicated designs.

For starters, Alice McCall makes a ton of unique white dresses fit for any bridal shower. Whether you're into short or long, unexpected cut-outs, or crazy silhouettes, Alice McCall has you covered. Keep in mind that this brand's sizing is in Australian metrics, so a size 10=S, 12=M, 14=L and so on. We especially love Alice's zen dress, as seen below. (make sure to click the image, it looks beyond ethereal on the body)

Self-Portrait is another brand that doesn't skimp on ANY details. Intricate, lacey, asymmetrical, one-shoulder, these are just some of a Self-Portrait's dress components.

A Self-Portrait piece can sometimes be pricey, so thankfully Shop It To Me is here to help you get the best sale price on the brand's dresses. Once you browse this brand's dresses, and others, you're going to see what all the hype is about. Here are our 2 favorite Self-Portrait bridal shower dresses:

The above dresses can both be found on and the 1st lacy midi is on sale for half off, and the 2nd mini is a great deal at $340. As we know, good sales don't last long, so make sure to favorite and/or check back to check out other brands and deals before they are gone.

What is Shop It To Me? You haven't heard? It's basically an amazing collection of clothing/shoes/handbags/accessories/etc, based upon your favorite brands, in your selected sizes. Shop It To Me brings everything together in one seamless and stylish place, so you can shop easier. It saves you time and money, focusing on discounts, so you can get more for your money. It's every girl's dream and it's quite addicting - in a good way.

Need more inspo? Life To Lauren is a lifestyle blogger whose bridal shower dressing rules totally align with ours.

Long Sleeved Dresses

A long sleeved dress makes the perfect bridal shower dress. Different, sweet, and flattering, dresses with sleeves are always a yes.

Milly gives us the perfect example of an off-white long sleeved dress that screams bridal shower ready:

Long sleeve dresses don't have to be boring, as we're sure you've already caught on. This Ronny Kobo dress seen below is perfect parts sensual, yet demure. The model wears it elegantly and it's sure to flatter any body shape.

If you feel self conscious about the low cut of the dress, you can always take it to a tailor and have them put a tiny stitch in it to close up some of the neck line. This stitch can always be removed later, and we suggest you get yourself a good tailor anyway. Tailors are your best friends and almost every celebrity gets their garments altered to perfectly fit their body. That's why they always look so seemingly good all the darn time.

Who Knew Showers Could Be So Stylish?

Well ... bridal showers that is. Now that we've given you some tips and examples, we hope that a little bit of the burden has been taken off of your shoulders when it comes down to finding your perfect shower dress. And if you need any makeup inspiration for your shower look, look no further than Vogue to elaborate on Priyanka Chopra's bridal shower makeup. Besides the fact that she basically wore an actual wedding dress to her bridal shower, her makeup was both soft and bold, and fully on point. Remember, it's your shower and you are free to bring whatever signature style you have into the mix.