Breaking News: Survey Results Show Women Still Shopping For Shoes/Accessories!

We put out this press release today — some very exciting findings from a survey conducted among our subscribers!



-New Survey Finds That Certain Accessories May Be Recession-Proof-

San Francisco, CA, June 15, 2009-Consumers may have reduced their overall spending in the current recession, but one place many women simply refuse to cut back is on shoes and handbags.

That’s according to a just-completed Shopping Habits Survey conducted by Shop It To Me (, a free online personal shopper for clothing sales.  More than 900 women from across the U.S. participated in the survey.  While half of all respondents said they are spending less overall on clothing and accessories, 34% are still splurging on great shoes and 22% are willing to spend extra on the perfect handbag.

Not surprisingly, the survey found that most shoppers do look for good deals.  In fact, only 11% of respondents reported paying full price more often than not, while 22% said they always buy on sale.  The remaining two-thirds of respondents indicated that, although they occasionally pay full-price, they look for bargains most of the time.

What constitutes a bargain these days?   At least 40% or more off regular price, said the overwhelming majority of survey respondents.  In fact, 27% insist on discounts of 50% or more.  Only 7% consider the traditional 20%-off sale a good deal.

In today’s economy, shopping on sale seems to be a source of pride: 80% report that they are eager to share details of the great deal they scored when someone offers a compliment on a clothing item purchased on sale.  (The other 20% like to let their friends think they paid full price!)

Sale shoppers continue to hunt both online and in-store for those great deals. And, while many respondents are convinced that they find the best deals online, they don’t like to pay for shipping.   Fully 75% say they won’t spend more than $10 on shipping charges.

Finally, when it comes to online shopping, 63% of respondents admit to doing it while at work*–*even though 20% say they have to sneak to do so!

The Shopping Habits survey was conducted online during the week of June 1 among Shop It To Me subscribers from across the U.S.   There were 940 respondents.   Selected questions and responses from the survey follow.

Selected Survey Questions and Responses

(Total Respondents = 940)

Are you spending more or less money on clothing/accessories than last year?

49% — Spending less

35% — Spending about the same

16% — Spending more

*What are you still splurging on? **

34% — Shoes

22% — Handbags

15% — Work clothing

12% — Formal wear

10% — Jewelry

4% — Jackets/outerwear

38%– Not splurging on anything

When was the last time you bought a full-priced item of clothing?

22% — Never pay full price

28% — Several months ago

39% — Recently

11% — I buy full-price more often than sale

What is the minimum percentage off that you consider a good deal?

6% — 70% off or more

21% — 50% off

36% — 40% off

30% — 30% off

7% — 20% off

Do you shop online while at work?

14% — Yes, and I ship my boxes here, too.

29% — Yes, but I ship my boxes to home

19% — Yes, but secretly!

37% — No!

*Respondents asked to “select all that apply”